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We recommend the Nordman Fir or the Norway Spruce, see details below…

We recommend the Nordman Fir, see details below…

We recommend the Norway Spruce, see details below…

We recommend the Fraser Fir, see details below…

Nordman Fir

The Nordman Fir is the most commonly available of the Christmas tree firs. Nordmans have fantastic needle retention, dark green glossy needles and dense attractive foliage. The trees are pruned to give a good full and uniform shape throughout their growing cycle. An ideal all season Christmas tree due to their soft needles that do not drop readily as the tree becomes drier.

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is the ‘original’ Christmas tree. A beautiful tree when tended properly, but people shy away from it because it loses needles. Ideal as an outside tree, the needle retention of the Norway Spruce means that these should only be taken indoors closer to Christmas.

Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir is a narrow pyramid shaped tree similar to the Nordman Fir, but with lighter green foliage that is more easily shaped during growing. This tree is ideal for a narrower space.


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